Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Inspiration Tuesday: Tiny Houses!

First off, I'm sorry that I didn't post Funky Find Friday last week. I've been sick latley and didn't get a post done. I'm making up for it later this week by posting a fun project for you guys so stay tuned for that!

Meanwhile, it's Inspiration Tuesday! I found myself enthralled yesterday when Kelly over at Tearing up Houses mentioned Tiny House Blog in this post. I looked at tiny cute houses for hours. So, today I thought I would show a few to you.

First up is this little beauty.

This railed specimen is built by a company called Cavco and is one of their available building plans.

Or how about this adorable eco-friendly house built by Simon and Jasmine Saville. (Does anyone else think hobbit home?)

This post actually had some great pics of the inside as well.

How cute is this house? I love it! You should read the story of its construction on Simon and Jasmine's website. I don't know if I could've put up with it, but their efforts certainly seem worth it in the end.

I'm totally jealous of Lorie Marie's tiny little studio. I wish I had a cute little house to make my creations in!

Visit Lori's store Pretty Little Things over on Etsy. She has fabulous stuff. Maybe if I was lucky enough to have a studio like hers, I could make such cute things too. (Although probably not!).

What to see more? Head on over to the Tiny House Blog and check it out! You'll be amazed at all the tiny houses over there. I am epecially amazed at how many people live in such little gems year round. Good for them! I could live in a tiny house....except I'm not willing to let go of all my crafting supplies! ;)

Happy Crafting!

*All pictures came from Tiny House Blog

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