Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Great new blog and Swap News

So, I just found this great new blog. It's called Craft Fail. It's all about failed attempts at crafts. I thought it was great. It shows that some crafters are not afraid to show their good ideas gone wrong....or their not so good ideas come to life...whichever they may be! :) I feel like a blogging slacker lately! I am planning on getting a tutorial up here very shortly! I need to make a project for a swap on Craftster. My latest swap is Another Crafty Detective Swap. The person I'm crafting for doesn't know I'm the one crafting for them. Similarly, I don't know who is crafting for me. It's mind-boggling and frustrating, but in a fun way. ;) I have finished all my projects for the Wine Themed Swap and sent off that package today. I will upload some photos of the finished products (which I am way excited and happy with) when my partner has received. That's all my crafty news for now! I do plan on making some more stuff this week to put in my store as well.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh, that is going to be a fun blog to look at! (like i need to look at more blogs!!)

  2. Haha! Yeah I know what you mean. I already have a bunch to look at as well, but I couldn't resist this one!



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