Thursday, July 29, 2010

House Tour: Bathroom

In a continuation of the house tour (nursery here, kitchen here) next up is the bathroom. It's done in a brown, green and white color scheme. Towel, shower curtain and rug are all from Walmart's Home Trend's Marmon collection (hey it was cheap and available in my town. I needed a shower curtain stat!). This is the only room we repainted in the house so far. Ironically, it was the only room not brown and the one I wanted that way! We painted it with leftover paint the previous owners left in the basement (there are seriously at least 15 cans of paint down there!) I apologize for the pics, the light is not the greatest in here with only one window.

View from the doorway:Closeup of the art (bought for $1 at Target on clearance):

Picture behind the door (frame with insert from Menards, pics of Maddy):

Shower curtain and rug:

Better view of the shower curtain:

The window (the only one!) towel hanger and shelf above the toilet:

A head-on pic of the shelf (shelf from Hobby Lobby (had it for years) fabric lined baskets are from Joanne's):

Mirror and vanity (was like this when we moved in):

Bottom of vanity:

Sorry it looks pretty yellow in this pic. Finally, the view looking out the door (here you can see the door to the storage closet:

So, that's the bathroom! Hopefully, I can get my living room and bedroom in order to show you soon. (The third bedroom/office is a lost cause for now, as well as the basement). I am planning on showing off the outside of the house as well.

Happy Crafting!



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