Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Storage and Organizing Tips

To get a start on my (and many others) New Year's Resolutions to organize, today I thought I'd share a few storage and organizing solutions both from the internet and my own home.

The first one comes from Real Simple Magazine. They used an empty tissue box to store plastic bags.

I love this idea! I've always been meaning to make one of those hanging sleeves out of scrap fabric and elastic, but this would take up way less space and recycle twice as much!

How about using a chunk of old ladder as a pot rack as shown on Better Homes and Gardens?

Then there's this great mail sorter I found on Bright and Blithe.

And bonus? She made a tutorial so you can make one too!

Here's one from my own house. I don't have anywhere decent to hang pot holders in my kitchen. So, I used a magnetic curtain rod (for steel doors) and stuck it on my fridge. Then I used curtain hangers with clips on them to clip the pot holders up.

I love the idea of using an old shutter as a message board from Better Homes and Gardens.

I have a couple of smaller shutters that I have plans to do something similar to this with.

My mom has been making old windows into cabinets for years now. Here's the one in my house (currently housing Hubby's sport memorabilia and my hinged box collection).

I hope some of these ideas inspired you to organize. This week, I have a list and one room a night to clean and organize. I'll let you know how that goes! ;) Do you have any great organizational ideas to share?

Happy Crafting!


  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing...think I will try the shutters idea when we re-do our office.

  2. these are great ideas! i'll definitely use the tissue box one...




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