Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Success!

Overall, Christmas was a success! (Despite not finishing everything I wanted to.) We made it to my parent's house in South Dakota before the big storm really hit too hard. We got snowed in on Christmas day, when we were supposed to go to my grandparent's house. But that turned out just fine. We were lazy all day, eating junk and watching movies. Saturday we slowly made the trip to Hubby's folks. Roads were icy, but otherwise travel wasn't too bad (just slow!)

Here's what it looked like outside on Christmas Day:

Also, in case you were wondering, here's how I finally finished my personalized ornaments (the ones with the epsom salt on the bottom):

I wrote each family name on there with fabric puffy paint. Then I added some cute stickers and ribbon to hang them.

Aren't they super cute hanging on the tree?

I thought I'd give you a generic preview of what's coming with the new year here on Hindrance. 1 word: Tutorials!!! I plan on doing more tutorials this year. I am still planning on participating in the various blog parties I've have in the past. But on top of that, I plan on having some blog parties of my own! Stay tuned in late January for the first Hindrance blog party and giveaway! I can't wait!

Now that I've given you my "New Year's Resolutions" (at least for the blog!), have you made any resolutions? What are they? Please share!

Happy Crafting!

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