Thursday, May 27, 2010

Recovered Dining Room Chairs

I've managed to get a few project done between having the baby and moving. One of those things is recovering the dining room chairs. We got a great deal on our dining set, which included a china hutch, buffet, table with 2 leaves and 6 chairs. Everything's made out of really nice dark wood. The only problem was the fabric on the chairs. It was white! So, in a step towards getting my red, white and turquoise dining room, I recovered the chairs with a red and white floral pattern.

Here's the before:Oh the stains! Here's the after:Please ignore the boxes and all the mess. We finally moved on Saturday and haven't really had time to unpack yet. I will be taking pics of the new house and posting them as soon as I get some order in this chaos!

I actually got the fabric at Walmart. It's cotton duck and stain resistant. I couldn't believe my good luck! To recover them, I simply unscrewed the four screws holding on the seat. I did this the lazy way and just put the new fabric right over the old stuff. I cut the fabric roughly to shape, pulled it tight and stapled gunned the hell out of it. That's it! Then screw the seat back on and you have brand new looking chairs!

I hope to be able to post pics of the house next week.

Happy Crafting!



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