Thursday, January 8, 2009

Craftster Best of 2008

If you are not familiar with Craftster, it is a great website where people can post their crafts, discuss methods and generally get together around the wonderful and expansive topic of crafting. At the beginning of every new year, Craftster puts out the best of posts from the year before. This year is no exception. Craftster has now posted the Best of 2008. It is compiled of the "best" 10 projects in each category. Check out the link for more information! I have picked five of my favorites to show you here as well...

*Please Note that the above picture belongs to Craftster.Org and the following pics are property of the individual posters.

  1. Goldfish in a bag

2. Where the Wild Things Are

3. Wine Bottle Cheese Plate

4. The Anti-Curtain

5. Fridge turned outdoor storage

There are many, many more fabulous and amazing crafts to look at on the list, so snoop around and you just might find some great ideas for your next craft project!!!

Happy Crafting!

1 comment:

  1. I am still completely amazed at those Wild Things costumes. I hadn't looked through the rest of the list though... there's so much crafting goodness on there!



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