Friday, July 17, 2009

Funky Find Friday

Okay, so I decided the more weekly post options the better. In that light, I present to you Funky Find Friday. I scoured the internet for some fun, funky stuff that I thought everyone would enjoy.

First up: This art photo print set from Artsy on Etsy.
I love this robot! He's super cute and the print would look awesome in a retro inspired kitchen or craft room.

Second: Recycled magnets, jewelry and other stuff made from pop cans from Funky Recycling on Etsy.
This squirrel magnet is one of my favorites!

Third: Silk and Shell Facinator from Hatastic .
I don't think I could pull off this hat, but it's gorgeous!

Fourth: This super cute bag made by RaraAvis over on
Love it! I think she actually hand-sewed all those scales on! Amazing.

Finally: A Dr. Seuss inspired nursery painted by Chronicdoodler on for her brother and his fiance.
There are a bunch more pics of the wall paintings over on the Craftser post. What a great auntie! I wish I had such talent.
Happy Crafting!
*All pics are property of their owners. I do not own the rights to them and only reproduce them here for the purpose of exposing them to a wider audience.

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  1. I love, love, love that Dr. Suess room. Adorable!

    Great blog, Hindrance -- you're the very first blog I'm adding to my favorites! You might like my site too...



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