Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nursery Project # 1 Window to your soul

This week, I'm going to show you a series of projects I did in the nursery. The grand finale of the series will be on Friday, when I reveal the entire finished nursery. The color scheme of the nursery is yellow and gray. First, I'm going to show you a wall hanging my I made from an old window. I found this window in my former neighbor's dumpster. I think he was a contractor.

I've been bad about remembering to take before pictures lately, but here's one of finish on the back. The whole window looked like this until it was painted.

I painted the window frame yellow. Then I used Mom's cricut and some vinyl to make words and die cuts for each of the three panes. I didn't take any photos of that process, but here's the finished product:I thought the green and pink made for some nice contrasting colors. More projects to come this week!

Happy Crafting!

I posting this at this week's CSI project challenge:

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  1. Cute Wall decor.I loveeee yellow.
    Thanks for visiting and the comment.Best of luck for the CSI Challenge!

  2. So cute! The yellow, the green and the pink are really sweet!



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