Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nursery Project #2: I love lamp

Today, I'm gonna show you a lamp I made over. I found this lamp at the thrift store for $2. It had a wicker base that matched my wicker rocker (another project I'll show you). The only problem was it was painted 80's mauve and had a hideous floral fabric colored shade. I've been bad about remembering to take before pictures lately. I finally remembered on this project when I had already started spray painting.

The before (or in this case, in the middle):

You can still see some of the mauve color. In the background is the earlier mentioned shade. I started by spray painting the base with a white primer/paint (whatever I had laying around- not sure the exact brand).

Next, I ripped off the yucky floral fabric (and some of the shade). The shade is old, so it cracked a little, but I recovered it anyway.
Then I used the highly scientific pattern drafting method of rolling the shade over some paper while tracing with a pencil. This gave me an approximate shape to cut the fabric out of. I tested the pattern size by rolling the paper around the shade to make sure it would fit. I cut it a little bigger at the top and bottom.

I used some fabric left over from making Maddy's quilt and cut my pattern out from that.
All cut out and ready to glue:

(The fabric is mustard martini from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern line in case you were wondering).

I didn't manage to take a pic of the gluing process, but I just used a hot glue gun and rolled the fabric around the shade, gluing as I went.

Then I glued some yellow ruffle trim I had in my stash around the bottom to finish that edge.

Tada! A brand new lamp that matches the nursery decor perfectly. (In the background, you can see a sneak peak of the walls in the nursery.)

Happy Crafting!

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