Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Button Wreath Ornament Tutorial

I thought I would share a little Christmas spirit with this tutorial on making a button wreath. I got the idea from Martha Stewart's website. But I didn't like how the faces of the buttons were covered up. So I decided to make my own.

Here's what you need:
wire (I used 26 gauge and remember the bigger the number, the smaller the wire!)
wire cutters

First: Cut a length of wire. I think I originally cut about 10 inches, but you can use different lengths to get different sizes of ornaments. Then choose a button for the bottom center of your wreath. I choose a big red coat button. These can be a little tricky as they don't like to stay on the wire by themselves.

Thread it onto the wire like this.

Choose your next button. I picked a little shiny green one (yay Christmas!). Thread the wire through one hole of the button.

From trial and error, I have found out the best way to tread the wire is to go into one hole at a time. Once the wire is treaded through one hole, pull it down next to the first button you put on the wreath.

While holding the previous buttons in one hand, thread the wire through another hole on the button. Pull the wire tight. This may require using a pliers to get the wire all the way through.

Keep threading on buttons one at a time. I like to do one on one side and then on the opposite side, but you can do it however you like. With the coat buttons, I like to put the buttons on either side of it really close together to sort of chain it in there and keep it from spinning around.

Once you get enough buttons on the wire to get a shape you like, simply twist the two ends of the wire together. I use the leftover wire to make a small loop and attach a ribbon hanger to it.

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Hope you enjoy!
Happy Crafting!

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