Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Featured Gift of the Day: Polka Dot Hobo Bag

Today's featured gift is a great brown and white polka dot hobo style bag. I really love this bag and had a hard time keeping it for myself! Both the outside and inside have brown and white cotton blend polka dot fabric. The outside of the handles are made with a rayon blend brown and white flower pattern. The inside of the handles have a soft brown faux suede.

For today's entry once again, I am not going to go into step by step details. Instead, I am going to give a word to the wise on fabric choice. I am really happy with how this purse finally turned out. HOWEVER, it was a pain to sew! Rayon blends and faux suede do not mix well, even if the final result is fabulous! So as a precautionary tale I would tell you to try sewing a few small swatches together to see how they work before starting a big project. And never forget that when sewing lightweight material to heavy material, fusible interfacing is your friend! Ironing interfacing onto your lightweight fabric helps this process immensely. But the most important tip is never be afraid to try new fabric combinations. I did struggle a bit with the rayon and suede, but the results were fantastic.

Happy Crafting!

p.s. as a totally unrelated matter, next week I will be hosting my first giveaway. This time I will be giving away my own stuff. Eventually I plan to give away other great products. More details to follow next week.

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