Friday, October 16, 2009

10 Tasks in 10 Days: The Finish Line

Remember Gina's challenge over at The Shabby Chic Cottage to complete 10 tasks in 10 days?

Well, here's my list again:
  1. Paint the free standing cupboard in craft room
  2. List all finished items on Etsy!
  3. Finish at least two Halloween projects
  4. Decorate my house for fall/Halloween
  5. Switch out my summer/winter wardrobe
  6. Clean and organize our bedroom
  7. Finish cleaning and organizing craft porch
  8. Bake cookies I bought supplies for
  9. Take piles of stuff I'm donating to thrift store
  10. Make terrariums I bought plants for and re-pot dracena plant

Everything that's bold, I got done. That means there are four others left to do yet. I am going to keep plugging away at the list even though the 10 days are over. I have torn apart my craft room and organized everything into piles of like stuff (all fabric together, jewelry making stuff, etc). Most of the jewelry stuff and fabric has been put away, so I've made progress.

I'm going to showcase the one thing on the list that I'm especially proud of. Remember that microwave stand I refinished awhile back? I had a tall free standing cupboard in the craft porch that I wanted to refinish to match it.

Here's the before:

Boring country pine finish. Not for long! Finished job in the porch (which is still messy by the way, so just ignore that fact.)

Yea! Much better. I didn't photo document the whole process, but I used the exact same steps as on the microwave stand. The cupboard didn't turn out quite the same color though. I may have to put a second coat of stain on it some day. But for now, it's across the room from the other stand, so I think it will be okay. Plus, it's kind of growing on me that they don't match exactly. They seem more naturally antiqued that way. I am filling this cupboard with all my fabric and sewing supplies. As soon as I actually get the craft porch fully put together and organized, I will do a big long post about that.

Don't forget to hop on over to Gina's to check out the linky party for 10 Tasks in 10 Days!

Happy Crafting!


  1. i LOVE that paint job! a fantastic color choice. :)

  2. Great job! You got a lot done!!

  3. Yeah...Love the color. Very cool. Will check out your other posts....

  4. Thanks for the compliments on the cupboard ladies! I did manage to also get my dracena repotted and my terrariums made. Woot! Now just need to finish the craft room, list on Etsy and round-up the donations! ;)



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