Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas List Update

So....how am I doing on my list of handmade Christmas presents? Let's recap (finished items in red)
  1. Tile coasters like these (2 sets, maybe 3).
  2. 4 crocheted scarves
  3. Gingerbread men (and women) cookies
  4. Gingerbread house (If I have time! These last two have been tradition for a few years for me, the kiddos like looking at it, and if they're the last stop on the visiting train, to eat it!)
  5. Spoon Handle Necklace (specifically requested)
  6. Felted Soap
  7. Homemade body scrubs (2-3)
  8. Personalized ornaments for each family (I have done this for Dave's side of the family every year for a few years now.)

Hmmmm....not doing so hot. I have coasters, 1 scarf, gingerbread cookies, and a necklace all the way done. The ornaments are half done. Yikes! Time to get cooking on the making stuff! Ekk! I did give myself permission to nix the gingerbread house this year. If I do make one, it'll be a cheater with graham crackers for the sides rather than baked gingerbread. I also have to make a baby blanket for a friend, but that doesn't need to be done until New Year's.

*sigh* I guess I better get a move on!

Happy Crafting!

*Pic taken by me at my parent's farm

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