Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I love scrapbooking paper!

Scrapbooking paper has so many great uses. You can make just about anything great with cute patterned paper and mod podge! I went crazy recently with some Christmas themed paper. Here's some of the stuff I've made.

Cute "match box" gift boxes:

Didn't those turn out great? They are the perfect size for gift cards or jewelry.

Don't forget that cute Santa sign I made last week with some of the same paper. Here's a better picture of that:

You may be thinking right now, what's with all the pictures? I thought her camera was broken? It still is, but the sun was shining enough I was able to snap these quick over the noon hour yesterday. I can't wait until that new camera gets here!
What do you use scrapbooking paper for?
Happy Crafting!

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