Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Under $25 Makeover: Guest Room Before

Okay, here it is, the big reveal. Well...not quite. This is the "before" post. There would be soooo many pics if I did everything in one post, I decided to split all the makeovers into before and after posts. Before I get to the before (har, har!) I want to explain "the rules." I did spend less than $25 on this room makeover. However, I did not count into the cost anything that I've had in my craft supplies stash for over one year. So, if you didn't have vast amounts of crap (I mean that lovingly) at your disposal, then it would potentially cost you more. That being said, this is all about using what you have. I'm trying to inspire you to use things you have around the house or find for less. I'll give more of a inspirational "pep talk" in Friday's post. Okay, enough yakking! On to the pics.

Here's the bed, bedside table, dresser and bookcase.

Here's the corner with the dresser, bookcase and you can just see my sewing machine in the edge of the pic.

Here's the desk (made by my mom of an old door for the top and two window's for the sides) and the wall of random eclectic art.

And coming full circle, here's the doorway and the closet doors.

And that's the before. I will tell you that I did not rearrange the furniture in this particular room. Simply cleaning it made a remarkable amount of room. I will be posting the "after" shortly.

Happy Crafting!

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