Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Under $25 Makeover: Living Room Before

It's time for another Under $25 Makeover. This week it's the living room. I have a few before pics, but not too many. I didn't think to take any before I rearranged the furniture. Mostly because my husband said to me one fine day, "If you want to rearrange the furniture let's do it now." I scrambled to move stuff without taking the pics because lets face it, sisters, when the hubby volunteers for that you hurry up and do it before he changes his mind.

Here's the wall with the buffet and various accessories. Nothing here moved, I just ended up adding to the arrangement on top of the buffet itself.

This next pic is more of an in-between then a before. The china hutch and the T.V. stand were originally in opposite positions, but this is still before I redid what was hanging on the walls.

Here's the glider rocker before being recovered.

That's really all I have for before pics. I will say that before we rearranged the furniture, this room felt like it was cut off half way and then had two random chairs stuck all by themselves on one end. Stay tuned later for the after!

Happy Crafting!

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