Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Under $25 Makeover: Living Room After

This particular "after" won't seem as dramatic since I don't have the before furniture rearranging pics, but believe me, it's a huge difference. (To see the before look here)

I'll start with right next to the front door. We have an old secretary type desk that hides all the mail and junk.

The oil painting in the barn wood frame was a gift from my Dad who painted it for me. I did let my husband hang his deer antlers in the living room, but only because they look pretty nice (and they're in the corner). ;)

Next to that is two chairs I recovered, one slightly overstuffed and one glider rocker. (The couch used to be here under the windows.)

I recovered both of these using an old loveseat slipcover that I had laying around. It's pretty nice fabric, light green in color. It was from the Shabby Chic line at Target a few year back.

Here's the glider again along with a side table and part of the couch.

The couch is angled off the wall a bit.

The picture above the couch actually hung above the head table at our wedding. My mom helped me make that. My mom also made the cabinet next to the couch using an old window for the door.

Next to the green cabinet is a doorway and then the buffet.

The only change I really made here is to rearrange the accessories on top of the buffet itself. I added a stack of old books under the digital picture frame to give it some height. I but a willow tree figure under the glass dome and moved the mercury glass piece over.

Then comes the kitchen doorway. On the other side of that, is the china hutch and t.v. stand.

Here I moved the sconce piece to the other wall and added the window piece above the t.v. I think I need something small on the wall next to the window though. What do you think?

Over all, this makeover cost very little. In fact, I spent $10 on the glider rocker and $2.50 on the toy box. That's it. The rest was done using what I had. That brings the grand total for this room to $12.50! It's amazing what you can do by just adding a few pieces and rearranging the furniture. Join me on Friday for some of the finer details of this makeover. And don't forget, there will be a linky party to join.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Amazing! Only $12.50 and a million dollars worth of creativity! I love that you are creating your own authentic style. Thanks so much for linking up at WWC!! :)



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