Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inspiration Tuesay: A day late but with awesome junk!

I didn't end up posting my junky finds yesterday while trying to get the sun to peek out for better photos. No sun today either, so you'll have to settle for sub-part ones ( I know, but I'll try to make the sun come out tomorrow and retake them!) Anywho, I found lots of great stuff, all on the trinket sized side this time around.

I bought these adorable tin film canisters.

I plan on using vintage ephemera to alter a few of these. At least one of them I plan on turning into a pin cushion.

I found various bit of vintage silverware, all just begging to be made into jewelry.

I especially can't wait to turn the tea spoon into a locket pendant with stuff inside!

Vintage dominoes and mahjong tiles I plan on making jewelry out of also.

I'm not entirely certain, but those mahjong tiles may actually be made out of carved bone mounted onto bamboo.

Tiny cute perfume bottles I plan on altering with ephemera, jewels, and ribbons.

And finally, probably my favorite find was this antique silver hand mirror with my initial on it.

It's kinda hard to see, but there's a beautiful script E in the middle. Plus, the mirror itself is in great shape:

I had a blast at Junk Bonanza and would recommend it to anyone. There are several other flea/antique style markets coming up in the Twin Cities area to watch out for as well. I'll update this post with the info when I can find it in my mess! Also, I promise some finished crafts are coming soon! I am reorganizing my entire craft area right now, so it's hard to get at things.

Happy Crafting!


  1. The hand mirror is gorgeous!

    Make sure to show us your necklace for the vintage silverware. I love the pieces you chose of it -- so much character!


  2. Wow great blog! thank you for becoming a follower! looking forward to you next post!

  3. Hey! Im an east river girl born in Watertown and lived in Clear lake s.d. how bout you!
    How fun is that!



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