Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Junk!

Continuing with the theme of this week, which seems to be junk and junking, I thought I would show you some garage sale finds. This last weekend, my city held city-wide garage sales. Usually, I find a few things at these, but not too much. This weekend was different. I found the mother of all sales that was mostly antiques and other "junk." I'm actually kicking myself for not going back there and buying more.

Furniture wise, I found this cute wicker hamper and this little green stool.

I love this adorable lamp. I just have to rewire it and paint the base. I'm leaving the vintage lampshade just the way it is!

I found this chenille bedspread I plan on making pillows with.

Some vintage sheet music and an awesome antique cheese grater I plan on hanging on my kitchen wall (Why didn't I get more of these!).

Not to mention an entire box of these shutters for free!!
Not all of this was found at the same sale, but most of it was from that awesome one. I'm really regretting not buying that cute wooden bench for 5 bucks and more cheese graters, sheet music, etc. I'm hoping Junk Bonanza this weekend will make up for it! ;) I'll show you transformations when I actually get to work on these great finds (which probably won't be soon.) *sigh*

Happy Crafting!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog, LOVE your junk!! Janna

  2. Good finds, Erica!


  3. My mom has that exact same cheese grater!!! :) I grew up using it so I recognized it immediately, LOL



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