Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Christmas Present List

I don't think my family reads this blog much, or at least I hope they don't, 'cause this year I'm posting my list and showing off the gifts I made to fit the list. Here's the people I need gifts for:

  1. Hubby
  2. Sister-in-Law
  3. Soon to be Sister-in-Law
  4. Generic gift for Mom's side of fam
  5. Generic gift for Dad's side of fam
  6. Mom
  7. Dad
  8. 4 Nieces
  9. Nephew
  10. Goddaughter
  11. Brother
  12. 2 Grandmas
  13. 2 Grandpas

Those are the major ones anyway. I also plan on sending a box of goodies to a couple of friends. That is quite a list! I am not necessarily making gifts for all of them. The nieces, nephew and goddaughter will probably get toys from the store 'cause they're picky like that. Although I did think about crocheting each girl a scarf to go with their toy. The generic gifts are always fun to do. Both my mom and dad's side of the families do the everyone puts a gift into the pile and then we all get to play a game to see who gets what. It always results in a loud, crazy, fun adventure with people stealing presents left and right! I would highly suggest it for anyone with a big extended family. I actually like this Christmas better than the gift exchanges we used to do. Super fun!

Tomorrow I'll post my "planned" gifts for everyone (at least everyone I know what I'm making them!). I'm planning on posting periodic updates with what I have done and what I have yet to do. I'll even show the gifts and hopefully, work up some tutorials along the way.

Happy Crafting!

*Image from The Graphics Fairy

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  1. wow glad my list isn't that big!! Good luck can't wait to see what you make!



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